Empowering the self-employed

Koodaa is a business app for the self-employed. From card payments to online booking, invoicing clients, and automating taxes, it does it all.

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Point-of-sale and eCommerce system in your pocket

A POS system designed from the ground up for the busy self-employed. Instant checkout for card payments with automated accounting.

Online Booking

Think your clients have time to pick up the phone to make an appointment? Think again! Capture every client by letting them book online when it suits them. Reduce no-shows by asking them to pay when they schedule, then send booking reminders and automate your invoicing and card payments.

Worry-free tax returns

Gone are the days of headache-causing self-assessment tax return deadlines. Koodaa automates bookkeeping, validates your receipts, reconciles the bank, and works with you to lower your tax bill with in-app self-assessment filing.

Cut your payment cycle from months to seconds

Stop waiting to get paid and cash-out chosen invoices instantly. With Koodaa’s built-in invoice financing, you can provide your customers with payment terms, but still get paid the same day.

Qualifying invoices only. Restrictions may apply.

Pay your bills with a single swipe

With Koodaa notifications, you will never forget to pay that important bill. Using Koodaa, all paper and electronic mail is automatically organised in your app. Pay your bill with a single swipe.

Virtual accounting team

Tax claim questions, worries about IR35 or confusion around your self-assessment, our teams are available to make sure your interaction with HMRC is timely, accurate, and optimized.

“With Koodaa positioning all business admin in one place, I can just focus on being an actor”

Heather O’Sullivan Actor


What type of businesses do you support?

You need to be a non-VAT registered Sole Trader, and for those filing a Self-Assessment Tax Return through the App, you need to be filing in the UK. We are working hard to extend our support for those needing to be VAT registered, and for the owners of Limited Companies.

Can I use Koodaa for free?

Absolutely! Koodaa is free to use software. No strings attached, no lockups, it’s your data. You only pay for in-app purchases you choose to buy.

Why should I signup with Koodaa?

With online bookings, POS payments, sending estimates and invoices, aggregating bank accounts, paying business bills, and automating UK Self-Assessment Tax Returns, Koodaa encapsulates an all-in-one mobile app, for free.

Where is Koodaa located?

We’re incorporated in the UK with a team distributed across London, Barcelona, Singapore, and Vietnam.

How does connecting bank accounts work?

Koodaa works with Token.io Limited, who is authorised as an Account Information Service Provider (“AISP”), and as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (“PISP”) by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (Licence Number: 795904). Koodaa is registered with the FCA as an agent of Token with a License Number: 849930.

With your consent, Koodaa uses Token.io to read your bank account information to aggregate your account transaction history from all connected accounts on our application. Koodaa also enables you to make online payments you instruct directly from your bank account. Depending on your bank and the value of the payment, you may be redirected to your bank’s website to authenticate yourself and authorise the payment.

If you have any concerns or questions about our open banking implementation, please get in touch using the Koodaa’s in-app chat or email us at support@koodaa.com

I want to partner with Koodaa?

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please reach out to us at partners@koodaa.com.

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