About Us

It isn’t just accounting software to shave off a few minutes from your bookkeeping burden. And frankly, we don’t even want you to think of that when speaking of Koodaa.

Most of the team here at Koodaa have personally felt the pain of endless paperwork, tax deadlines, lost receipts and everything else that comes with all the different organizations needing material from you to keep your business in check. We decided to pin point each step of starting and running the admin side of your business, and automate it all within one app. The end results is essentially a Company as a Service.

Our Team

  • Kari Honkanen

    Founder - CEO

    Kari grew up north of the wall and learned to appreciate computers at the age of nine. Since then he has been building things ranging from database clusters to online marketplaces. He loves sports, traveling and chilling with his - not so small - family.

  • Ida Honkanen


    Ida grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and for the past four years has been working in tech and traveling around Europe, North America and Asia. Her favorite things include all things food, art and underground techno parties.

  • Huy Nguyen

    Senior Engineer

    Huy was born in the beach city of Da Nang, started earning a living as a software engineer at the age of 16. In his free time he writes novels and dig electronic music jamming and travelling.

  • Huy Tran


    Huy grew up in a small town where computer only showed up in movies. But it became his closest buddy since he got one in 9th grade. After coding many different kinds of software from frontend to backend, he settled down with Koodaa. He also love astrophysics, playing drums and hanging out with his lovely one-year-old daughter

  • Min Tran

    Product Designer

    Min has dived into design since Photoshop 5.0 and Internet Explorer 5.5. Before joining Koodaa, Min helped big brands like Google, Samsung, L’Oréal and LG create better digital experiences. In his free time, Min enjoys playing table tennis, music and practicing calligraphy.

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